Client Overview: Stolber Digital Marketing Agency

STOLBER Digital Marketing Agency is a seasoned industry player with an impressive track record backed by experience of over 25 years. Their expertise lies in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and web development. Driven by a commitment to excellence and data-driven strategies, STOLBER sets itself apart by crafting websites that seamlessly integrate efficiency, security, and superior user experiences. This foundation has propelled STOLBER into a reliable partner, capable of addressing diverse project needs with unparalleled skill.

  • Established in 2019
  • Digital Marketing Industry
  • Presence in United States and United Kingdom
  • 10-20 Employees
  • IT & Digital Marketing

Challenge: Striking the Balance Between Quality and Scalability

STOLBER’s success brought with it a common challenge: scaling their services while maintaining the exceptional quality that has become their hallmark. The need for skilled talent, within budget constraints, to handle an expanding workload was evident. However, this endeavor needed to be accomplished without compromising on the technical excellence that STOLBER’s clients have come to expect. The ultimate goal was to streamline operations and talent management, allowing STOLBER to focus more intently on their core competencies.

Solution: Dedicated Managed Talent by Stellites Technologies

Recognizing the intricacies of STOLBER’s challenge, Stellites Technologies formulated a sophisticated solution. A team of dedicated managed talent, each specializing in specific areas, was meticulously assembled to cater to STOLBER’s unique needs. This talent, ranging from WordPress Developers to SEO Executives, were seamlessly integrated into STOLBER’s ongoing projects. A distinguishing aspect of this collaboration was the holistic management of these talent by Stellites Technologies’ internal team. This included overseeing monthly performance reviews, human resources, recruitment, training, payroll, and business process refinement, effectively relieving STOLBER of these operational complexities.

Dedicated & Managed Talent Provided:

  • SEO Executive for 8 hours daily
  • PPC Executive for 8 hours daily
  • WordPress Developer for 8 hours daily
  • Graphic UI/UX Designer for 8 hours daily
  • Account Manager for 4 hours daily

Implementation: Crafting a Synergistic Partnership

Stellites Technologies seamlessly aligned its processes with STOLBER’s established standard operating procedures (SOPs). These SOPs were integrated into JIRA, Stellites Technologies’ project management tool, ensuring meticulous quality control and comprehensive project tracking. Furthermore, the automation of recurring tasks was skillfully executed, contributing to a more efficient workflow. A white-label environment was thoughtfully established, complete with business email addresses and tailored technical configurations, fostering a seamless and unified collaborative environment.

Results: A Resounding Transformation

The partnership’s impact was resounding, delivering impressive outcomes:

  • An 80% increase in their customer base.
  • An 90% surge in customer satisfaction levels.
  • A 70% reduction in operational costs.
  • A remarkable 60% timesaving in HR, performance management, recruitment, and business processes.

Client Testimonial: The Dawn of a New Era

Trevor Stolber, CEO of STOLBER emphasized, “Stellites Technologies has ushered in a new era of solutions that has revolutionized our industry. The concept of Dedicated Managed Talent has liberated us from administrative burdens, enabling us to foster new client relationships and chart an upward trajectory of growth.”

Overcoming Challenges and Gaining Insights

In the face of challenges, Stellites Technologies demonstrated adaptability and a resolute commitment to quality. This partnership also served as a fertile ground for insights into client expectations and best practices, thus fortifying the foundation for future endeavours.

Future Growth and Continuous Collaboration

The partnership is an ongoing journey marked by growth and continuous evolution. Plans are in motion to expand the team of dedicated managed talent, further enhancing the scope and depth of services offered. This empowerment enables STOLBER to intensify their focus on core competencies, drive sustainable growth, and elevate client satisfaction to new zeniths.

Setting the Stage for Success

Stellites Technologies’ innovative solution not only alleviated STOLBER from operational encumbrances but also set the stage for a robust future. With dedicated managed talent adeptly managing specialized tasks, STOLBER is primed to channel their energy towards innovating digital strategies, nurturing enduring client relationships, and seizing an array of untapped business opportunities.

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