SEO is evolving every day. With the introduction of AI, Google’s focus right now is to give reliable information to its users, and that too with the speed of light (introduction of SGE).

With everything being automated around us, SEO is also being affected. Despite optimized and automated content, SEO still needs lots of manual strategizing.

Furthermore, you must choose the right SEO tool if you are an agency or a small business owner working on a tight budget. Thus, we have compiled the best SEO tools for small businesses that you can use in 2024.  

As an agency owner or a small business, we understand that you might be working on a shoestring budget.

That is why we suggest all-inclusive SEO tools that cater to every need, including keyword research, competitor analysis, content optimization, and more. Also, the following list is in no particular order and can be altered due to preference.

So, moving ahead, here is our first choice.  


While Ahrefs has increased its price drastically, Semrush has beautifully captured the SEO tools market. Admittedly, Semrush does not give in-depth insights compared to Ahrefs, but it is just a little behind. Semrush now has a clear upper hand over Ahrefs regarding price points.

You can do a complete website audit for SEO issues. The keyword research tool of Semrush is impressive and gives pretty accurate data.

Competitor research provides excellent insights that you can use to outrank your competitors. If you are a small business, Semrush is a perfect all-inclusive SEO tool as they have improved their content optimizer immensely.

The new “Keyword Cluster” option helps you create a topical map but can still be improved. SEMrush’s site audit, backlink analyzer, and keyword gap give so much information that if followed correctly, you will surely rank for your targeted keywords.

Pros of Semrush 

  • All-inclusive SEO tool for research   
  • Good for competitor research  
  • Easy interface to understand for new users

Cons of Semrush

  • Content analyzer and optimization could be improved  
  • Keyword tracking can be improved


Ahrefs is the cream of SEO tools. They have drastically increased their prices over the last two years, and there sure is a reason for it. The insights that Ahrefs are second to none.

The small details that you get in competitive research are remarkable. If directives are followed correctly, Ahrefs insights can help you rank immediately.

Ahrefs also provides backlink opportunities that need to be found using manual research.   

You can also get insights that can help you rank for the SERP features. Rank tracking of Ahrefs is correct. Content optimization or analysis is not a feature within the Ahrefs, but this is one of the few cons. All the other pros trump this little drawback.

Pros Of Ahrefs

  • Competitor analysis is accurate  
  • Amazing insights  
  • Site Audit gives compelling issues and solutions  

Cons of Ahrefs

  • The price point can be stingy to access full features
  • No content analysis or content optimization features

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the most premium Tools. The Crawler of the Screaming Frog are so powerful that they will give you the exact Issues.

This is the best on-page or technical SEO tool currently in the market. Screaming Frog lets you download the application onto your desktop On Windows or Mac.

Screaming Frog enables you to crawl your website up to 500 pages. If your website has more than 500 pages, you must use the Screaming Frog’s premium features.   

One thing with the Screaming Frog is that if you are not a trained SEO analyst or need to gain knowledge of SEO or web development then reading the Screaming Frog Audit could be challenging for a Newbie.

Another thing about Screaming Frog is that it only allows you to crawl your website. Screaming Frog is only helpful if you want to do a competitor’s research.

However, if you have a technical nuance, then you can undoubtedly use Screaming Frog to find out About your competitors.

Pros of Screaming Frog 

  • Gives accurate information for site audit 
  • Best technical SEO tool.  
  • It’s an excellent freemium model.  

Cons Of Screaming Frog

  • It could be better for competitor research.  
  • It only has a few other options besides technical or on-page SEO.


Moz is one of the most famous tools used for SEO since its introduction. It is renowned for its toolbar and Chrome ext, which lets you know the domain authority, spam score, and page authority.

Moz bar is completely free and gives you information related to any of your competitors on how many backlinks they have. If you want to do a backlink analysis of your website or competitors, you can use Moz for it.

Despite its helpfulness in finding out the backlink authority and profile of your competitors and your own, it is constrained to off-page SEO. It only has a few options for good on-page analysis or competitor research.  

It is slowly losing its relevance in the SEO industry, and notably so. Once the most sought-after tool in the industry, it is now fading.

Pros of Moz

  • Suitable for backlink profiling
  • Gives correct information related to Backlink authority

Cons of Moz 

  • Does not have much of an application for On-page SEO


Surfer has quickly made its market in the SEO industry. Until last year, Surfer was a simple SEO tool that Allows you to do a simple keyword research. However, recently, Surfer has launched its new content creation tool.

This tool is potent and is powered by artificial intelligence. It scans the SERP for all the top ten ranking articles and generates a piece that is better than them.

This is a revolutionary application in the SEO industry as it eliminates using SEO analysts. The only downside of using Surfer is Its price point. It charges you per article, and that could be hefty.

Pros of Surfer

  • Best content analysis and generative tool.  
  • It is a decent keyword research tool

Cons of Surfer

  • The price point for generating content is hefty.  
  • It could be better for competitive research or site audits.

Uber Suggest 

Uber Suggest it has been in the SEO game for a long time. It became famous for its keyword research tool when it came into existence.

Most of the features back then were free, and it gained a lot of popularity. It was prevalent among small businesses and agencies. However, Neil Patel’s agency soon took over Uber Suggest. They have introduced quite a lot of features.

It has also improved its site audit, keyword rank tracking and. Keyword research tool. Despite its increase in popularity, Uber Suggest has yet to introduce many features. It has become a market gimmick.

Once you sign up for free with Uber Suggest, they straight away offer you to partner with Neil Patel’s agency so that they can improve your SEO.  

Still, we feel that Uber Suggest for its keyword rank tracking and other features, deserves a place within this list.

Pros of Uber Suggest

  • Good site audit tool
  • Keyword tracking is impressive

Cons of Uber Suggest

  • All the features are paid for
  • Competitor research could be improved

Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console, previously known as Google’s Webmaster, is a great tool to Discover what’s working within your site and what’s not.

All the information that you get is straight from the horse’s mouth. Google will let you know what is lacking within your site, how it responds to the SERP, and what you can improve. From website core web vitals to all these security issues.

How many pages have Google indexed, and why is Google not indexing your pages? It will give you all the information. You can also get the information and submit your site maps.  

It will also give you the performance information related to your site for the past few months. In that report, you can track all the pages that are performing well and the pages that could be improved.

Google Search Console is underrated and underused by Webmasters and SEO analysts all across the globe; if used correctly, Google Search Console can be your sole source of information related to your search performance.

However, one has to know how to use it properly. But if you’re starting as an agency or a new business owner, you can leverage the Google Search Console and Use it to take your website to the next level.  

Pros of GSC 

  • Give the correct information as Google sponsors it.  
  • You can check all the information in the background.

Cons of GSC

  • You do not get any information related to the industry or your competitors.  


SpyFu is one of the most amazing tools for SEO. This tool provides competitor analysis and insights like no other tool.

You can give your seed keyword or the domain link of your competitor and it will give you insights on how you can outrank them easily using your content and on-page techniques.

However, reading into those insights can take up a lot of time. You need a trained SEO analyst who can help you with reading into insights and give you a tailored plan for your SEO.  

But if you are looking for a budget SEO tool for your agency SpyFu might be the answer

Pros of SpyFu

  • One of the best tools for competitor analysis 
  • Gives so many content optimization options

Cons of SpFu

  • Not good for site audits 
  • Data might not be completely accurate

Google Keyword Planner 

Google’s own Keyword planner is available within Google Ads. It is a free tool that you can use to get insights for your website. The data that you get is really thorough. One of the most amazing parts is that the data that you get is according to Google’s database.

If you’re just starting out as an agency or a small business, then Google’s Keyword Planner is a tool that and help you. However, one thing that you want to keep in mind is that the data that Google gives within the keyword planner is according to the paid advertisements.

Pros Of Keyword Planner 

  • Google’s data can be immense for your SEO strategy 
  • Data available for all the parameters 

Cons Of Keyword Planner 

  • The data given is for paid advertising 

Now, these SEO tools are for planning, strategizing, analysis and research. However, SEO is a constant ongoing process. You might need some plugins while developing and we will suggest the best SEO plugins for all-round functionality in WordPress.

Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO is one of the most famous SEO plugins that are being used currently. If you are an SEO newbie and want a plugin that covers all the bases of your website’s SEO in WordPress, then Yoast is perfect for you.

Its simple interface and usability allow the user to make SEO changes on the go. From generating Sitemap to editing robots, and site meta tags, Yoast makes it a piece of cake.

But for experts in SEO, Yoast does not cover all bases. You are always left wanting more. In an ever-evolving SEO world, using Yoast can leave you behind. 

Pros of Yoast 

  • Easy to use 
  • Made for SEO newbies 

Cons of Yoast 

  • Limited options for experts 

Rank Math SEO 

Rank Math has everything that you need in an SEO plugin. Its free version gives so many useful options that are essential for a small business or an agency for SEO.

From basics to advance Rank Math covers all bases when it comes to SEO. You can enter multiple keyphrases for a particular page, content quality score, site-wide schema implementation and much more.

Rank Math should be your go-to plugin for SEO. They also do a SERP analysis and make sure that whatever content you are putting out is ready-made to rank. Though that functionality is paid in any case, if you are an agency it might be worth investing in Rank Math for you. 

Pros Of Rank Math SEO 

  • All-inclusive SEO plugin 
  • Most of the options available in the free version

Cons Of Rank Math SEO 

  • No considerable drawbacks 

How To Use SEO Tools For Small Businesses

SEO tools are used to get insights about your niche and competitors. They also provide comprehensive instructions and guides on how can you outrank the competition. You can devise a clear strategy using the best SEO tools available in the market. However, if you want to learn how to use SEO tools, you should learn all the nuances of SEO or hire an SEO agency that can help you.

As we conclude our must-have SEO tools for businesses and agencies in 2024, we would like you to comment if you have any suggestions or any information that you want to share. Most of the tools that we have suggested are based on their usefulness and applications. In future, we will explore other tools.